Looking for noise-pulse algorithms (Bernhard Laback )

Subject: Looking for noise-pulse algorithms
From:    Bernhard Laback  <A7321NAM(at)PCSERV.UNIVIE.AC.AT>
Date:    Thu, 4 Jul 1996 11:16:01 MET-1MEST

Dear List members ! In order to drive my psychoacoustical experiments I would need algorithms for the generation of noise pulses (bursts), which are defined in the temporal and spektral envelope. I do not know if such algorithms , by which the mentioned parameters can be specified, exist. Preverably, they should be written in C-language. Most important for my applications is a Gaussian impulse, but I will also need other types of noises. Important is that the generation works (nearly) in real-time, cause they should be generated within the experiment. If you have such algorithms or if you know where I can find them please be so kind to contact me. Bernhard Laback

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