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From:    "sha."  <Andreas.Rodler(at)IRCAM.FR>
Date:    Mon, 22 Jul 1996 14:04:47 +0000

NONIONTIONNTIONENTIONTENTIONTTENTIONATTENTIONATTENTIOATTENTIATTENTATTENATTEATTAT A ! we are looking for facts and opinions as well as questions and answers concerning a c o u s t i c v i r t u a l i t y . we are ISCM (international society for contemporary music) MICA (music information center austria) ORF-kunstradio (austrian broadcasting corporation) and myself, sha. a composer, sound researcher and computer musician myself - currently i am staying in paris at IRCAM - i will design the upcoming issue of the music magazine (IR (J t o n (IR (J (published by the austrian section of ISCM / online version ORF). this issue will be dealing with music the origin and motivation of which lies within the realms of the physical and spatial plasticity of sound and sound-structures as well as in their spontaneous sensual perceptibility and the creation of perceptibility itself. this music - recognized as soundart - is no longer bound to venues and places especially designed for the production of art but will / has to conquer its very own space; and not just (physical) real (feel subsonaquaticas!) space but also virtual / telematic and some o(u)t(h)er space as well. this new soundscape offers the possibility for our audio-perceiving system to move independently; not depending on other perceptible parameters - the visual perception of space in particular. the acoustic and the visual images of space - determined by experience - do not coincide with each other anymore; they are (IR (Jdis-sonant (IR (J and their relation must be redefined. in every-day-space, far from the high altars of high art, this retuning will enable the ear to become emancipated. with the assistence of new technologies acoustic virtuality introduces virtual soundings, that where inaccessible up to now, although they did exist before and were always possible: every space can sound (like) sound every sound can sound (like) space Duden 1994: Virtualit $B3U (J, die; -, -en: innewohnende Kraft oder M $BSH (Jlichkeit however, the definition of the ideas and concepts of acoustic virtuality are only about to come into being; yet numerous other fields are closely related to this subject. aside from reflections on space / the perception of space from a philosophic point of view as well as their application in real life - acoustic ecology, sound design and sound/installation/art - this could be the following: interactive 3D/4D spatialisation-systems striving to win the most precisely controlable sound of space from the space of sound. basic research (and its applications) to the latest knowledge in the field of psycho- and physiological acoustic (which define the basis of understanding of the audio-perception and -transformation of space more precisely). computer programs for analysis, dsp and composition the basic structure of which takes the aspect of space into consideration as a crucial parameter. art-projects / art-experiments which combine such diverse influences and generate sensually percebtible virturealities. and last not least all thougths which may sound like fantasy when compared to all serious endeavor but will prove to fuel future artistic and technological developments. if you are interested to enter this huge arena of unanswered questions or you are racking your brains / your ears over them (like i do), send your suggestions / proposals / questions / articles / instructions and the like via e- or snail-mail or fax! the collection of subject matter should be done preferably by using the internet - as the v i r t u r e a l t o n is going to be online from 10/96 onwards. deadline for all contributions: 15/09/96 so: if you (want to) know more about this subject, you will receive infos about the progress of the project and - on request - my basic concept of the virtureal ton. and: please help me sprend the word and pass on this information to your mates and colleagues. i would be grateful for prosperous participation. sha. (pTM of andreas rodler) grashofgasse 3/8/10 - 1010 vienna - austria tel/fax +43-1-5130309 / e-mail rodler(at)

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