PS.......Re: ARO Sponsorship ("charles s. watson" )

Subject: PS.......Re: ARO Sponsorship
From:    "charles s. watson"  <watson(at)INDIANA.EDU>
Date:    Mon, 21 Oct 1996 11:22:41 -0500

I am pretty sure I do not have to attend to sponsor you...seems as though I have done that before. c. On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Fantini D wrote: > I have a request to make of anyone who is a member of ARO. I > submitted an abstract for the upcoming ARO abstract, but have been > told that my sponsor, who is also sponsoring herself, is not > eligible to sponsor me also. We didn't realize that you couldn't > sponsor someone if you are already sponsoring yourself. If there is > any ARO member out there who is not already sponsoring someone and > is not sponsoring him/herself, would you please contact me? I have > a short time to find another sponsor OR to cancel my hotel > accommodation without loss of deposit :-( > > Thanks for your attention, > Deb Fantini > deb(at) (from outside the UK) > deb(at)essex (from the UK) >

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