Audio and Multimedia (Lonce LaMar Wyse )

Subject: Audio and Multimedia
From:    Lonce LaMar Wyse  <lwyse(at)ISS.NUS.SG>
Date:    Fri, 25 Oct 1996 09:46:06 +0800

====================================================================== CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue of the ACM Multimedia Systems Journal Audio and Multimedia Guest Editors: David Wessel & Lonce Wyse Deadline for Submissions: Feb. 28, 1997 Audio has been the neglected stepchild of multimedia family but is increasingly being recognized as an integral, and even central, part of applications ranging from data analysis to games. We hope that this special issue of the Journal will provide some indication of the breadth of multimedia applications involving audio, as well delve into the technical issues researchers and developers are facing regarding sound integration, compression, immersion, spatialization, design & modeling, networking, and interaction within a multimedia context. For the Journal of Multimedia Systems, theoretical, experimental and survey articles are appropriate, as are descriptions of state-of-the-art methods and tools. We encourage submissions along the lines of (without being limited to) the following: Synchronizing sound and images in interactive environments Timing issues: Latency, jitter, and related temporal requirements Current tools for incorporating sounds in applications Virtual Musical Instruments Streaming audio Compression technologies Java, the net, multiple clients and sound Foley and post-production in the digital age Interactive music Immersive sound (spatialization, off screen information, ...) Data sonification Sound design for control by graphic object behaviors Sound/Music driven graphics A future beyond sample-file playback - the importance of general purpose synthesis Applications in different areas of science and engineering SUBMISSION OF PAPERS If you would like to contribute to this special issue, please send 5 copies of your manuscript to the the address below. For papers that do not include color pictures, email submission is strongly encouraged. David Wessel Director, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) Department of Music University of California Berkeley 1750 Arch Street Berkeley, California 94709 Tel: 1 510 643 9990 extension 302 Fax: 1 510 642 7918 Web: For Guidelines on Submission of accepted papers, please see or ftp, and cd to pubs/submitting_accepted_articles Important Dates: submission date: Feb 28 1997 reviews back to authors: May 1 Final papers due: July 1 ======================================================================

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