Re: Interaural Level/Time Differences. ("Richard O. Duda" )

Subject: Re: Interaural Level/Time Differences.
From:    "Richard O. Duda"  <duda(at)BEST.COM>
Date:    Mon, 11 Nov 1996 22:48:42 -0800

> I'm looking for some references that (I hope!) exist, but I simply can't find. > > I'm looking for a (ideally) a transfer function from a signal at a given > azimuth to the interaural level/time(phase) difference at each ear as a > function of head diameter, etc. > > I have a couple of equations for the time difference/phase shift that I can > transform into a transfer function, but nothing really good for the ILD's. > > I'll be happy with anything that is more than just a collection of "at > frequency 'n' the ILD vs. angle of incidence is" graphs. > > Does anybody know of any gaussian white noise/Wiener Kernel/ARMA models of > headshadow? > >ray Phil Brown recently completed a MS thesis for me, in which he included the Matlab code for a headshadow model originally developed by Dick Lyon. His thesis can be obtained in pdf format via -- Dick Duda

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