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Subject: Next for ICAD
From:    Kramer  <kramer(at)LISTEN.COM>
Date:    Mon, 25 Nov 1996 13:50:40 -0800

Dear fellow researchers: At ICAD 96, the International Conference on Auditory Display sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute and Xerox PARC and held Nov. 4-6 at PARC, we saw a very positive development: The conference matured in focus and quality and shifted from its beginning as my personal vision to the reflection of the broader research community. This change is reflected now in the opportunity that all of you have to get involved in future conferences and ICAD Web site development. This email is to let you know briefly about the shift and how to be involved if you care to. Firstly, ICAD represents the community of researchers whose work somehow relates to the presentation of information via non-speech audio. The themes this year were Auditory Data Representation (sonification), Audio in VR and Telepresence, and Audio on the Web. Other research areas include audio in windows environments, computer and instrumentation interfaces for blind people, audio navigation of data bases, sound design tools, acoustic ecologies, and general audio design and perception issues. This list, too, is partial, but should convey the sense of ICAD. It is focused but highly inter-disciplinary. Clearly the concerns of participants on the AUDITORY list are important to ICAD. The new organization of ICAD is simply this: There are two projects, the conference and Web site. Within "conference" there are ICAD 97 (to be held at PARC and Chaired by Beth Mynatt) and ICAD 98, to be held somewhere in Europe. These are under the umbrella of the non-profit group ICAD. The umbrella has oversight but no hands on role in the projects. This is a very good time to get involved if this research area interests you. You can help guide the formation of what are proving to be productive forums in an increasing valuable field. This is a real service to others as well as an opportunity to 'plug in'. Possible roles: Steering Committee or Review Committee member, Web designer or builder (it is our intention to build a very audio-intensive Web site, indicating possibilities that most designers have not yet considered), communications (letting others know about conferences, etc.), connections with industry, special projects, and so on. Just within "Conferences" there are technical roles, financial roles, special events, open mike (a real hit at ICAD 96), and all the other usual stuff. You can indicate your interest and availability by emailing a note to: icad-volunteer(at) You should also know that you can join the ICAD listserve by emailing icad-request(at) and you can visit the ICAD Web site at http:/ A personal note: I'm happy that ICAD has turned out to be useful. That the multi-disciplinary quality and friendly, inquisitive, community tone I sought have proved robust in a demanding time of change is particularly satisfying. Moving out of the primary role I've held in the particular projects is something I had hoped for at ICAD 96. I am thankful to all the good people I've worked with over the years and to the newcomers who have made this possible. Sincerely, Greg Gregory Kramer Clarity/Santa Fe Institute 310 NW Brynwood Lane Portland, OR 97229 503-292-8550 Fax: 503-292-4982 kramer(at)

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