Re: analog sound demonstrations (James Beauchamp )

Subject: Re: analog sound demonstrations
From:    James Beauchamp  <jwb(at)TIMBRE.MUSIC.UIUC.EDU>
Date:    Thu, 12 Dec 1996 13:38:16 -0600

Hi Greg, >So if the market price is ca. $300, how about availability? Is there >someone out there selling readily available NeXT machines? It would >make a great home machine. DeepSpace Technologies ( seems to be the best place to by used NeXT equipment, although there is also Dancing Bear ( Here are some DeepSpace prices: NeXT Black Hardware INVENTORY and PRICING as of December 4, 1996 NeXT Stations MONO _____________________________________QUANTITY_________PRICE EA. 25mhz, 8mb RAM , (SLAB ONLY) 18 $ 195.00 25mhz, 8mb RAM , 105 or 200 HD 14 $ 270.00 25mhz, 16mb RAM , 105 or 200 HD 2 $ 370.00 25mhz, 32mb RAM , 105 or 200 HD 0 $ 470.00 Price includes the following: Station, MegaPixel 17" Mono Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor cable, Power cords, NeXT Release 3.0 or better. The idea is that you install a 1 Gig harddrive in a machine (APS at $250) and load the system in from a CD-ROM. You need to find or purchase a system CD. NS 3.2 is good enough for all the sound-related programs I've seen. The other way is to buy a 1 Gig external drive (APS at $350) and use BuildDisk from the internal drive to format the external drive. (or tar all of the files over.) Then you can move the external drive internally, if you want. Etc. Jim

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