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Subject: Pandora (R)
From:    mmalcolm crawford  <m.crawford(at)>
Date:    Mon, 23 Dec 1996 12:51:59 GMT

William Clocksin (of Cambridge University) kindly drew my attention to the following which may be of interest: "PANDORA MODULE I - Voice Separation package info This basic module of PANDORA( which is included in the basic engine allows separating the vocal component from a composite music signal consisting of other (non-vocal) instruments. If you thought this would be impossible - think again: PANDORA(s de-voicing algorithm becomes attracted by all voice and voice-like utterances within a mix of different instruments and splits the mix into a vocal track and (in the case of a stereo file) two tracks containing the residual instrumental mix. The quality achieved meets even the highest pro-level studio requirements and provides a basis on which a new and previously unthinkable signal treatment during mastering can be introduced." The image they show of the voice of Michael Jackson extracted from the background music suggests that the algorith (whatever it is, and they stress that it's based on "human hearing", not FFTs) deals primarily with voiced utterances, and probably not with fricatives. Has anybody else heard of this, used it, have any comments? Best wishes, mmalc.

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