Re: Lab Equipment Suggestions (Rob Dickinson )

Subject: Re: Lab Equipment Suggestions
From:    Rob Dickinson  <rob(at)LITTLEJOE.DATASPACE.CA>
Date:    Wed, 3 Apr 1996 22:20:05 -0500

lf> ... a KING SIZE waste of Bandwidth. jl> Totally disagree -- you can't find information like ... ab> [ditto] ... helping people get started in our exciting research field. Hmmm ... I was sympathetic to the first commment at first, but had second thoughts when I read the second and third comments. There is a much more heated debate raging on another mailing list that I subscribe to that some people summed up by saying something along the lines of "no pain no gain". Things cooled down slightly after that. i.e. if mailing list readers are not willing to put at least some work into either or both manual and automated filtering, then the benefits of being on the list in the first place are probably not worth much to them. Regards to all on this very cool and polite list ! :) . - Rob D ====================================================================== Rob Dickinson DataSpace Insight Inc. Tel.: (514) 457 0462 e-mail: rob(at) ======================================================================

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