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Subject: Re: looking for ultrasonic source
From:    Mail-Account auditory  <auditory(at)AEA.RUHR-UNI-BOCHUM.DE>
Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 11:22:30 +0200

Joe Pompei wrote > As some of you know, I am wanting to take high frequency HRTF > measurements, and have settled on the Knowles microphone, which is pretty flat > up to 80-100kHz. > Now I'm looking for a good ultrasonic source, something that can create > frequencies in the 30-100kHz range (or as close as I can get). B&K mics go the > distance, but aren't very powerful. Radio Shack (yes, rs) has a tweeter that > goes to 40kHz. > > Does anyone know of any others that might go higher? Narrowband is ok, > too... > > Thanks, > > Joe Pompei > Northwestern University Some years ago Xiang Ning made his doctorate in our lab, and he worked on miniature modeling techniques for the evaluation of concert hall acoustics, usually in scale 1:10. Besides a miniature dummy head in that scale he also developed loudspeakers. He is now employed by Head acoustics and continues to work on that topic, so he will be able to give you concrete information about that topic or even sell his speakers... The email address of the company is "head-gr(at)". Regards Markus Bodden ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr.-Ing. Markus Bodden Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum _/ _/_/_/_/ _/ Lehrstuhl fuer allg. Elektrotechnik und Akustik, _/_/ _/ _/_/ D-44780 Bochum, Germany _/_/_/ _/_/_/ _/_/_/ Phone: +49 234 700 6662 or 2496 _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ FAX : +49 234 709 4165 _/ _/ _/_/_/_/ _/ _/ email: bodden(at) WWW: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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