New Book (August Schick )

Subject: New Book
Date:    Fri, 10 May 1996 09:43:18 MET-DST

Recent Trends in Hearing Research. Festschrift for Seiichiro Namba. Edited by Hugo Fastl, Sonoko Kuwano and August Schick. Oldenburg: BIS-Verlag 1996, 402 pages, author index, subject index, biography and a select list of publications of Seiichiro Namba (Osaka University). Price: 20 US Dollar, 2000 Yen, 30 DM or equivalent currencies. Buyers from abroad: Please pay in bank-notes directly (enclosed in a letter); you will get a sale invoice. We want to avoid high bank charges. Kaeufer in Deutschland ueberweisen den Betrag auf das Konto von August Schick: Nr. 144 2982 300 bei der Oldenburgischen Landesbank, BLZ 280 200 50 (bitte vergessen Sie nicht Ihre Adresse). Order from: Prof. Dr. August Schick, Oldenburg University, Institute for Research into Man-Environment-Relations, P.O. Box 2503, 26111 Oldenburg, Germany Fax: +49-441-798-8261 (E-Mail: Schick(at) Contents 1. Noise quality (Seiichiro Namba) 2. Masking effects and loudness evaluation (Hugo Fastl) 3. Loudness adaptation (Bertram Scharf) 4. The detection of frequency modulation (Brian C.J. Moore and Aleksander Sek) 5. Short-term memory for pitch (Andrzej Rakowski) 6. Musical Communication (Edward Carterette and R.A. Kendall) 7. Some current trends in temporal processing (Mary Florentine and Soren Buus) 8. Continuous judgment of temporally varying sounds (Sonoko Kuwano) 9. Theory and method in perceptural evaluation of complex sound (Birgitta Berglund and R.F. Soames Job) 10. Noise annoyance research: Purpose and progress (Martin Taylor) 11. Noise exposure (Zheng Darui) 12. Cross-cultural psychoacoustics (August Schick and Holger Hoege) 13. Category-subdivision scaling - A powerful tool in audiometry and noise assessment (Juergen Hellbrueck) 14. Noise induced health hazards - With special regards to physiological noise susceptibility (Gerd Jansen)

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