Studentship in Auditory Neuroscience (Bernhard Gaese )

Subject: Studentship in Auditory Neuroscience
From:    Bernhard Gaese  <bernhard.gaese(at)UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE>
Date:    Fri, 17 May 1996 18:29:20 +0200

RESEARCH STUDENTSHIP IN NEURAL MECHANISMS OF SOUND LOCALIZATION A studentship (BAT IIa/2) for a PhD-project in neuroscience/ auditory research is available at the Institut fuer Biologie II (Lehrstuhl fuer Zoologie/Tierphysiologie) of the RWTH Aachen (Germany) by September 1, 1996 or later. The studentship is available to participate in a project led by B. Gaese and Prof. H. Wagner on the neural mechanisms of sensorimotor integration during sound localization in barn owls and/or rats. It is funded by a grant awarded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Schwerpunktprogramm "Sensomotorische Integration"). We will use animal training, free-field acoustical stimulation and multi-channel single-unit recording in anaesthetized and behaving animals. For more information please contact: Bernhard Gaese, Lehrstuhl Tierphysiologie, Universitaet Tuebingen Auf der Morgenstelle 28, D-72076 Tuebingen, Germany, Tel. +49 (7071) 295351, FAX: +49 (7071) 292618, e-mail: bernhard.gaese(at) OR Prof. Dr. Hermann Wagner, Institut fuer Biologie II, Lehrstuhl fuer Zoologie/Tierphysiologie, RWTH Aachen, Kopernikusstr. 16, D-52074 Aachen, Germany, Tel. +49 (0241) 804835, Fax: +49 (0241) 8888133 or send e-mail to: wagner(at)

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