musical concepts and audition (Niall Griffith )

Subject: musical concepts and audition
From:    Niall Griffith  <niall.griffith(at)UL.IE>
Date:    Thu, 15 May 1997 18:25:33 +0100

I was interested to read the posting by Steve McAdams (a month or so ago) on concepts of pitch and Marie-Elisabeth Duchez's paper on greek and medieval concepts of pitch. The recognition that cultural musical concepts are distinct from our basic auditory abilities is not always foremost in either computational or psychological models of musical/auditory capacities. We often seem to assume that our western musical concepts are either universal or simply given. Can anyone point me to other work done in this area - ie. - on the relationship between cultural (explicit) notions of musical elements or structure and "auditory cognition" - the relationship between musical "dimensions" (pitch, rhythm, timbre, etc.) - how these might reflect auditory "universals or constraints" and impinge on cultural notions of music and musical practice in different genres and forms? Thanks. Niall Griffith

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