Re: comparison of vision and auditory system (Ludger Solbach )

Subject: Re: comparison of vision and auditory system
From:    Ludger Solbach  <ti6ls(at)TICK.TI6.TU-HARBURG.DE>
Date:    Fri, 30 May 1997 16:31:06 +0100

Jont Allen <jba(at)RESEARCH.ATT.COM> wrote: > >Roger Watt <r.j.watt(at)STIR.AC.UK> wrote: > >In vision, there is exquisite spatial precision as well as resolution > >but much less precision in the time domain, despite reasonable temporal > >resolution. > > I find this point interesting because this is also true in the auditory > system. The frequency JND is very small, but the acuity of temporal events > is suprisingly bad. Even for rhythmic repetitions? I ask, because from the engineering viewpoint frequency estimation is basically averaging interval lenghts between temporal events over some measurement interval and take the inverse. In order to be comparable the number of events used in temporal resolution measurements would have to be in the same order of magnitude (i.e. some rhythmic pattern would have to be used). Regards, Ludger. PS (off-topic): If anyone knows of employers looking for a prospective PhD in Electrical Engineering, who would like to continue to work in the audio signal analysis field, I'd be thankful if you let me know. --- ----------- Ludger Solbach, Distributed Systems Department ----------- | Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany | | e-mail: NOSPAM.Solbach(at)TU-Harburg.d400.De, Tel.: +49-40-7718-3357 | ----------------- -----------------

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