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Subject: Re: Beats
Date:    Thu, 3 Jul 1997 07:43:38 +0200

Dear Kathy & List members, In reply to my posting from yesterday Kathy Barsz wrote: > interesting; I wonder if Soren Laugesen's subjects could match > an external tone to the pitch/frequency of their tinnitis? Good point, two of the three subjects were musicians and I was convinced that at least these two subjects were able to match the external tone to their tinnitus. Nevertheless, no beating was reported. Regards, Soren Laugesen Oticon A/S Research Centre, Eriksholm Kongevejen 243 DK-3070 Snekkersten Denmark Phone +45 49 22 00 01 ext. 13; Fax +45 49 22 36 29; email slu(at)

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