*VIRTUREAL TON 1.0* ("sha." )

Subject: *VIRTUREAL TON 1.0*
From:    "sha."  <a8771079(at)unet.univie.ac.at>
Date:    Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:23:53 +0100

FINALLY AVAILABLE: THE * VIRTUREAL TON 1.0 * =20 ONLINE-FORUM OF DISCUSSION CONCERNING 'VIRTUAL ACOUSTICS / ACOUSTIC VIRTUALITY' AND ITS REGULAR DISTRIBUTION IN THE PRINTED MEDIA =20 The 'Virtureal Ton' is a Collection of different Approaches, Ideas and Subject Matter concerning "Akustische Virtualit=E4t". The Music Magazine 'TON' has been published in print quarterly since 1992 (by the ISCM - the Austrian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music). 1996 the 'VIRTUREAL TON' was published in Print as well as Online for the first time in Cooperation with the ORF-kunstradio WWW-Team. Thus an open and expandable Forum of Discussion was established, which is to be continually updated with new Subject Matter. In Addition to that, the Essence of the current Discussion is going to be published in Print annually. Composers, Sound Architects and Designers, Sound Installation Engineers, Acoustic Science Researchers, Music Theorists, Software and Hardware Designers from all over the World were - and still are - called to transmit their Contributions, Comments and Links! There are 4 main Sections: Art Works, Auditory Perception, Sound Technology, Swimming Pool. You can find the basic Ideas, the world-wide Response and the current State of Discussion at <http://www.thing.at/thing/orfkunstradio/VR_TON/> =20 =20 * sha. * aka andreas rodler new e-mail-adress: <a8771079(at)unet.univie.ac.at> =20 =20

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