Help with MIDI ("Kevin L. Baker" )

Subject: Help with MIDI
From:    "Kevin L. Baker"  <klb(at)DMU.AC.UK>
Date:    Mon, 1 Dec 1997 23:04:05 +0000

Dear colleagues, I am trying to built an experimental lab with little (actually no) technical assistance, which is where I hope you may be able to help. I would like to set up an array of 8 speakers in order to do some sound localisation experiments. My problem is how to send sounds from my computer (Mac, or PC if pushed) to each one of the 8 speakers at predetermined times. At present, I use an Audiomedia II card with Synthesiser and/or Hypercard/Supercard to present sounds from my Apple Mac Quadra. Could this be done using MIDI or something else? or would I physically have to build a manual switching box (a simple but inelegant solution) Any suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks Kevin -------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin L. Baker tel: +44 116 257 7761 Senior Lecturer in Psychology +44 116 251 5151 Dept. Human Communication, fax: +44 116 257 7708 De Montfort University, URL: Scraptoft Campus, Leciester, LE7 9SU, U.K.

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