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Subject: 6th CPLA Conference, The Netherlands: Call for Papers
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********************************************************** ICPLA International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association 6th Annual Conference Nijmegen, The Netherlands October 13 - 15, 1997 Second Announcement Call for Papers ********************************************************** INVITATION During its brief history (since 1991) the ICPLA has established a name via its scientific journal and the annual conferences, which serve as a platform to update and discuss theoretical developments and clinical issues. We are therefore pleased to invite you at the: 6th Annual Conference of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association (ICPLA) which will take place in: Nijmegen, The Netherlands October 13 - 15, 1997. The topics of the conference are related to language, speech, and hearing disorders in both adults and children. This years' conference continues the ICPLA-tradition to call for theoretical, methodological and clinical papers in the field of linguistics and phonetics. In addition, to counteract a bias in the series of conferences until now, your attention is particularly asked for hearing loss --including its consequences-- and speech perception. We like to encourage participants to submit presentations on this topic. The programmed keynote addresses reflect the above policy, and add some couleur locale to the scope of topics. Nijmegen is psycholinguistically a big city in a small country. We will try our best to provide for proper conditions for a most stimulating and fruitful conference. Looking forward to meet you in October, The Organizing Committee ********************************************************** GENERAL INFORMATION Location: Collegezalen Complex, Zaal CC. 4 ; Mercatorpad 1, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Language: The official language of the conference will be English. Registration and Fees: < July 15 > July 15 Nonmember, regular Dfl 350,- Dfl 400,- Nonmember, student Dfl 275,- Dfl 325,- ICPLA-member Dfl 275,- Dfl 325,- ICPLA-student Dfl 225,- Dfl 275,- Payment: All payments can be made by bank transfer, Eurocheque or credit card. Bank Transfer: Postbank Accnt no 4391155, Stichting Ontwikkeling Medische Psychologie, Nijmegen; RE: ICPLA 97 Eurocheques: Please make Eurocheques payable to Stichting Ontwikkeling Medische Psychologie, Nijmegen Credit Card: MasterCard and Visa Confirmation: Registrants will receive a receipt of their payment. Please bring this information to the registration desk. Important Dates May 31, 1997: Deadline for submission of abstracts June 30, 1997: Notification of acceptance July 15, 1997: Deadline for preregistration Organization: The conference is organized by the Institutes of Medical Psychology, Child Neurology and ENT (University Hospital, University of Nijmegen), in collaboration with the Department of Linguistics (University of Groningen). Organizing Committee: Ben Maassen (Congress Chairman) Paul Groenen Herman Peters Program Committee: Roelien Bastiaanse Gerard Bol Dicky Gilbers Paul Groenen Pascal van Lieshout Ben Maassen Conference Secretariat: IWTS - Mrs. Yvonne Flokstra Wundtlaan 1 6525 XD Nijmegen The Netherlands tel. ++ 31 24 3615751 FAX ++ 31 24 3617018 e-mail iwtssecr(at)mpi.nl ********************************************************** PRELIMINARY PROGRAM Sunday, October 12 19.00 Welcome at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Registration Monday, October 13 Keynote addresses: - prof.dr.W.J.M. Levelt (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen) Where do spoken words come from? - prof.dr. N. Kraus (Northwestern University, Chicago) Speech sound perception: neurophysiology and plasticity. Scientific Program Reception by the City of Nijmegen Tuesday, October 14 Keynote addresses: - dr. S. Kohn (Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, Philadelphia) The status of phonological representation in fluent aphasia. - dr.W.O. Renier (Child Neurology Center, University of Nijmegen) What neurology contributes to speech-language diagnosis and therapy. Scientific Program Social Dinner Wednesday, October 15 Keynote addresses: - dr. Y. Joanette (Universite of Montreal, Montreal) Semantic or semantics: Brain lateralization and the semantic processing of words. Scientific Program Closing Session To stimulate lively interactions all presentations will be plenary and will be organized in thematic sessions. In between oral sessions there will be ample time for Poster Sessions. Submission of poster presentations will be stimulated by a special prize awarded by the ICPLA for the most informative and attractive poster. ********************************************************** INSTRUCTION FOR AUTHORS Clinical, theoretical and research presentations related to the conference topics can be submitted until May 31, 1997. Abstracts must be submitted in English and should not exceed 400 words. The title should be brief, clearly indicating the nature of the study. Purpose, method, result and conclusions of the study must be described in a clear and concise way. A few references to relevant work can be given. Accepted submissions will be allocated to oral or poster sessions (please indicate your preference on the registration form). In order to program all presentations in plenary sessions, submission of posters is stimulated. Please provide your submission on a floppy disk (Word Perfect or plain ASCII) plus three high quality hardcopies. Print the abstract on one side only of white A4 paper with 3 cm margins on all sides. Include on separate lines (1) title (in capital letters), (2) name(s) of author(s) (presenting author underlined), (3) affiliation, and (4) address of presenting author. Do not use fonts smaller than 12 points. Spacing should be 1.5 or smaller. Do not submit photocopies of poor quality or faxes. Mail original version of your abstract and registration form to: IWTS, Ms. Yvonne Flokstra "ICPLA97" Wundtlaan 1 6526 XD Nijmegen The Netherlands E-mail: iwtssecr(at)mpi.nl ********************************************************** REGISTRATION FORM Last name: _______________________________________________ First name: _______________________________________________ Institution: _______________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________ City: _______________________________________________ Zip Code: _______________________________________________ Country: _______________________________________________ Phone: _________________ Fax____________________ E-mail: _________________ Name of accompanying person(s): ____________________________ I hereby submit a ( ) paper ( ) poster (check preferred presentation) Registration fee: Before July 15 member / nonmember student / non-student After July 15 member / nonmember student / non-student Dfl ..... Social Dinner, Tuesday October 14 Admission: Dfl 95,- Number of persons .... Dfl ... All payments should be made in Dutch currency. The total ammount of Dfl ........ is transferred to the organizing committee by: ( ) Bank-to-bank transfer: accountnumber 4391155 of the Postbank, Stichting Ontwikkeling Med. Psychologie, Nijmegen ( ) Certified Eurocheques payable to Stichting Ontwikkeling Med. Psychologie, Nijmegen Credit Card: ( ) MasterCard ( ) Visa Cardnumber: _______________________________________________ Expiration date _______________________________________________ Name Card Holder: _______________________________________________ (Please do not forget your signature below) Hotel reservations Please book a room for me in: ( ) Category A Single Dfl 140,- to 170,- double Dfl 170,- to 185,- ( ) Category B Single Dfl 60,- to 95,- double Dfl 75,- to 130,- Date of arrival: _______________ Date of departure: _______________ Number of nights: _______________ The number of rooms of category B is very limited; if no rooms are available in this category, I agree to take a room of category A ( ) yes ( ) no Date: Signature: **********************************************************

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