Announcemnet on Professor Osen Award ("M. S. Malmierca" )

Subject: Announcemnet on Professor Osen Award
From:    "M. S. Malmierca"  <msm(at)GUGU.USAL.ES>
Date:    Fri, 14 Mar 1997 18:58:02 +0100

Dear All, The University of Salamanca (Spain) has awarded the honorary degree of DOCTOR HORONIS CAUSA to Prof. Dr. Med. Kirsten K. Osen. A ceremony will be held at the Paraninfo of the University of Salamanca on April, the 18th 1997. The University of Salamanca is about 800 years old (the 4th oldest in the world), founded in 1218. Professor Osen will be the second women to receive this honor and the first to receive it while still alive. Should you wish to send greeting cards to her, please send them to the following address: Prof. K. Osen Lab. de Neurobiologia de la Audicion Dept. de Biologia Celular y Patologia Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Salamanca Avda. del Campo Charro, s/n 37007 Salamanca Spain p.s.: For further details please contact Dr. Merchan or Dr. Malmierca at msm(at) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ have a nice day! :-) Manuel S. Malmierca, M.D., Ph.D. Laboratory for the Neurobiology of Hearing Department of Cellular Biology and Pathology Faculty of Medicine. University of Salamanca Avda. Campo Charro, s/n 37007 Salamanca - Spain phone: 34 - 23 - 29 44 00, ext. 1861 or --- 29 45 63 fax: 34 - 23 - 29 45 49 e-mail: msm(at) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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