consonant/vowel characterization (Franck Ramus )

Subject: consonant/vowel characterization
From:    Franck Ramus  <ramus(at)>
Date:    Thu, 2 Apr 1998 18:32:50 +0200

Dear list, I'm looking for any information and references relevant to the following question: When listening to the speech signal, how do you distinguish between consonants and vowels? Are there any acoustical features that allow a fai= r discrimination? I am aware that there is no direct acoustic characterization of phonemes, at least language- and speaker-independent. However, the distinction between consonant and vowel might be broad enough to be universal and readily retrievable from the signal. Do you know of any work on that (C/V characterization, discrimination algorithm, simulation...)? Franck Ramus ( Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique 54 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris FRANCE tel: (33)(0)1 49 54 24 98 (33)(0)1 43 29 80 22 (maternit=E9) fax: (33)(0)1 45 44 98 35

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