Re: Vibrato (Neil Todd )

Subject: Re: Vibrato
From:    Neil Todd  <TODD(at)FS4.PSY.MAN.AC.UK>
Date:    Thu, 9 Apr 1998 16:18:02 GMT

David You might try Eric Prame at KTH in Stockholm. I'm not sure about emotional connotations, but I know that Eric has done a lot of work on vibrato in the last few years. Can't remember his email off hand, but Johan Sundberg's is pjohan(at) cheers Neil >Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:05:25 -0400 >Reply-to: David Huron - Conrad Grebel <dhuron(at)WATSERV1.UWATERLOO.CA> >From: David Huron - Conrad Grebel <dhuron(at)WATSERV1.UWATERLOO.CA> >Subject: Vibrato >X-To: auditory(at) >To: Multiple recipients of list AUDITORY <AUDITORY(at)VM1.MCGILL.CA> > >I have a graduate student who wants to carry out some experimental >work related to emotional connotations evoked by various types of vibrato >(speed, depth, onset-delay, etc.) Our preliminary literature search has not >produced the sort of background literature we need to get started (apart >from the old work by Seashore). Does anyone know of some classic papers >that might get our literature review jump-started? > > ___________________________________________________________________ > | David Huron, PhD 1866 College Road | > | Professor Ohio State University | > | School of Music & Columbus, OH | > | Center for Cognitive Science U.S.A. 43210 | > | Tel. (614) 688-4753 Fax. (614) 292-1102 | > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >

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