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From:    Hermann Wagner  <wagner(at)TYTO.BIO2.RWTH-AACHEN.DE>
Date:    Tue, 19 May 1998 14:18:44 +0200

Postdoctoral Position in Neurobiology. A postdoctoral position (BAT IIa) is immediately available at the Lehrstuhl fuer Zoologie/Tierphysiologie of the RWTH Aachen. It is expected that the successful candidate develops her or his research program in the field of "acoustic motion detection" within the newly formed Schwerpunktprogramm of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft "Zeitgebun- dene Verarbeitung im zentralen akustischen System". We have taken a model-based approach to study the neural basis of acoustic motion in the midbrain of the barn owl (Wagner and Takahashi, J. Neurophysiol. 68: 2063 (1992), Wagner et al., J. Neurophysiol. 71: 1907 (1994), Wagner et al. TINS 20: 585 (1997), Kautz and Wagner, J. Neurophysiol. To appear 6/98, see also our homepage on the internet (http://birdland.bio2.rwth-aachen.de). Now we want to extend our studies to forebrain pathways. The research should include a combination of neurophysiological and theoretical projects. Therefore, expertise in extra- cellular neurophysiology would be helpful as well as programming skills in C. At the moment, financial support for two years is available. In case of success, this period may be extended to 6 years with the possibility of submitting a Habilitation. Send inquiries and applications with CV, two letters of reference and relevant reprints to Prof. Dr. Hermann Wagner, Lehrstuhl fuer Zoologie/Tierphysiologie, RWTH Aachen, D-52074 Aachen, Kopernikusstrasse 16, Tel. +49-(0)241-804835 Fax: +49-(0)241-8888133 e-mail: wagner(at)tyto.bio2.rwth-aachen.de

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