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Subject: Re: ROCK MUSIC
From:    "Charles S. Watson"  <watson(at)INDIANA.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:00:21 -0500

Pierre wrote to say he agreed with my comment about the many forms of music considered at one time or another to be hard on human morality, and asked that the following be passed on to the list... Re/ Atom Biggs's question I don't know of any such research but Atom Biggs may want to read L. Tolstoy's novel "The Kreutzer Sonata", in which a married woman reaches the decision to elope with her lover during listening to the Beethoven piece. Following the story, Tolstoy engages in a long philosophical discussion on the negative effects of music on people's morality. Pierre Divenyi McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8c on Windows NT). Information is available on the WEB at

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