Granular synthesis and auditory segregation (at)

Subject: Granular synthesis and auditory segregation
Date:    Fri, 9 Oct 1998 10:30:58 +0200

Dear All, Has anyone systematically explored the use of "granular synthesis" in manipulating auditory streaming and segregation? I'd like to see connections between Bregman's interesting ASA work and mesoscopic auditory textures. I expect such textures to be helpful in controlling auditory grouping and segregation, and since my own work maps visual textures to auditory textures in a way closely related to granular synthesis, there is an obvious connection that could be of practical interest. Best wishes, Peter Meijer Soundscapes from The vOICe - Seeing with your Ears! McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8d on Windows NT). Information is available on the WEB at

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