Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions (Eliot Handelman )

Subject: Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions
From:    Eliot Handelman  <eliot(at)GENERATION.NET>
Date:    Sun, 25 Oct 1998 23:27:51 -0500

On the subject of anechoic chambers I have a question. John Cage (in _Silence_) tells how he'd been in the Bell Labs a. c. but found that he heard a low and a high sound, the low sound being due to blood circulation, and the high sound due to "the nervous system." (He concluded that there was no such thing as silence, at least from an perceptual perspective.) I'm terribly curious to know: is this first of all true. that is, is the explantion correct; are these sounds audible by anyone; and might the origin of the "nervous system sound" be further specified? I've never been in an a.c, though I'd like to: I once experienced silence in the Montana badlands and I thought it was quite extraordinary. As it happened I did not hear my nervous system. -- eliot McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8d on Windows NT). Information is available on the WEB at

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