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Subject: Re: Bibliography on background music effects
From:    mountain  <mountain(at)UA.PT>
Date:    Tue, 17 Mar 1998 12:53:48 +0100

I'd recommend as a starting point "Music and consumer behaviour" by A= drian C. North and David J. Hargreaves, chapter 14 of The Social Psychology of Music, edited by the same authors, Oxford Univ. Press 1997. It gives a well-annotated survey with bibliography. rosemary Garcia De La Fuente wrote: > I wonder if someone could guide me into some kind o bibliography/places= to > find information about the different effects of background/"elevator" > music on the behaviour/perception of people. > > thanks > > Jose M. Garcia de la Fuente > Acoustics Dept. > La Salle Engineering, Ramon Llull University > Barcelona > e-mail: ee03367(at) -- =BB=BB=BB=BB=BB=BB=AB=AB=AB=AB=AB=AB=AB=BB=BB=BB=BB=BB=BB=BB=AB=AB=AB=AB=AB= =AB=AB Dr. Rosemary Mountain Universidade de Aveiro Communication & Art Dept. P-3810 Aveiro, Portugal Fax: +351-34-370868

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