Sound Booths (Dave Van Valkenburg )

Subject: Sound Booths
From:    Dave Van Valkenburg  <dlv6b(at)VIRGINIA.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 2 Apr 1999 11:59:51 -0500

Hello everyone, I'd like to thank the people who responded to my request for sound booth information. There were not many responses - but as promised here is the summary: _________________ Lori Holt wrote: I'm also on the market for sound booths. I've found Ellis Singer from Industrial Acoustics Co. (IAC) to be extremely helpful. He will often respond to my queries within the hour and he has been very prompt in providing written quotes. They have a website: I have tried working with Acoustic Systems, but their service has not been as helpful. For behavioral booths, Acoustic Systems prices are very similar to those of IAC, so I'm planning to stick with Ellis and his excellent service. _________________ Barry Arons wrote: I donated all my Acoustical Society of America Journals to the MIT library during my last move... I remember seeing some ads for sound booths in the special issue they print twice a year for their conference. It might be a place to start. Keep in mind there are two considerations: sound absorption within the room and sound transmission from outside the room. The first is primarily handled by soft fuzzy stuff in the room; the second is best handled by isolation and mass (i.e., put the room on rubber pads, and make the walls heavy). _________________ William Treurniet wrote: I use an Eckel audiometric room that we bought from Genie Audio in St. Laurent, Quebec. Telephone: 514-856-9212 Fax: 514-856-9002. The rooms can have single or double walls. We have a single wall chamber, and its OK if the ambient noise level is low. It does not do a good job at blocking low frequencies such as voices. The double wall room is said to have 20 -30 dB more attenuation, but it comes at about twice the cost. _________________ thanks again. dave -- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Dave Van Valkenburg /\\ 2424 Arlington Blvd /\\ /()\ \ Apt. H3 /()\ \ /____\/ \ Charlottesville, Va /____\/ \ / \ / 22903 / \ / /________\/ (804)970-2732 /________\/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Email: dlv6b(at) \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/ "Every note part of the large curve, so carefully patterned that for the first time I appreciated the possibilities of a mind moving ahead of the instruments in time and waiting with pleasure for them to catch up. I had never been aware of that mechanistic pleasure, that trust." Michael Ondaatje (Coming Through the Slaughter)

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