speech analysis (chalikia magdalene )

Subject: speech analysis
From:    chalikia magdalene  <chalikia(at)MHD1.MOORHEAD.MSUS.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:46:50 -0500

Dear List, I am looking for some PC-based software that would provide an analysis of speech recordings, over a period of time. Specifically, I am interested in the calculation of F0 values at specific time intervals, so that not only the F0 contour can be determined, but specific F0 values as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Magda Chalikia ============================================================================== Magdalene Chalikia, Ph.D. Moorhead State University Psychology Department Moorhead, MN 56563 phone: 218-236-4082 e-mail: chalikia(at)mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu fax: 218-236-2168 ==============================================================================

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