Re: speech analysis (pallier )

Subject: Re: speech analysis
From:    pallier  <pallier(at)LSCP.EHESS.FR>
Date:    Mon, 12 Apr 1999 00:53:05 +0200

Chalikia magdalene wrote: >I am looking for some PC-based software that would provide an analysis of >speech recordings, over a period of time. Specifically, I am interested in the >calculation of F0 values at specific time intervals, so that not only the F0 >contour can be determined, but specific F0 values as well. Check out the 'Praat' editor (cf., by Paul Boersma and David Weenink at the Institute of Phonetic Sciences of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands: According to the authors: The computer program Praat is a research, publication, and productivity tool for phoneticians. This comprehensive speech analysis, synthesis, and manipulation package includes general numerical and statistical stuff, is built on a general-purpose GUI shell for handling objects, and produces publication-quality graphics. I have used it a little bit and found it extremely cleverly designed. In particular it is batchable: I could lower the F0 of dozens of stimuli with a simple script. (Not only will you see F0: you will even be able to edit it and resynthesize speech with PSOLA.) Praat is available for several platforms (it works well on linux, for example). It is a shareware, with a very reasonable price. Christophe Pallier

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