new address ("Alain de Cheveigne'" )

Subject: new address
From:    "Alain de Cheveigne'"  <alain(at)LINGUIST.JUSSIEU.FR>
Date:    Wed, 28 Apr 1999 15:57:21 +0200

Please note my new address: Alain de Cheveigne' IRCAM/CNRS 1 place Igor Stravinsky 75004, Paris, FRANCE phone: +33 1 44784846 fax: +33 1 44781540 email: cheveign(at) Thanks, Alain P.S. The return address on this message is that of my OLD account. Plea= se use the new address above instead. If the list maintainer is listening: please add my canonical return address so I can send mail to the list fro= m my new account: P.P.S. The e' represents an e with an acute accent, for email systems th= at can't handle the 8-bit character =E9.

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