MEG headphones (Christian Kaernbach )

Subject: MEG headphones
From:    Christian Kaernbach  <chris(at)>
Date:    Fri, 4 Jun 1999 21:03:38 +0200

Does anyone use (or know someone who uses) non feromagnetic (piezo) headphones for magnetoecephalography (MEG) experiments? Usual sound application is via elastic tubes from speakers outside of the magneto-shielding booth, with really bad sound transmission values. Piezo headphones might provide good sound transmission without disturbing the magnetic field. Information on providers of such equipment (and approx. prices) would be highly welcome. Is it difficult to install? Does it need shielding tubes for the wires? Thanks, Christian -- Dr. Christian Kaernbach Institut fuer Allgemeine Psychologie Universitaet Leipzig Seeburgstr. 14-20 Tel.: +49 341 97-35968, Fax: -35969 04 103 Leipzig mailto:chris(at) Germany

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