Development of capacity to parse complex sonority (Astrid Heyer )

Subject: Development of capacity to parse complex sonority
From:    Astrid Heyer  <mroyal(at)JULIAN.UWO.CA>
Date:    Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:01:46 -0400

Dear List, does anybody know any references pertaining to the change in people's ability over a human lifespan to parse out elements of a complex sonority (either harmonics from a timbre or pitches from a chord). I am aware of some of the acoustical factors that promote such parsing (e.g. onset asynchrony, inharmonicity, contrasting vibrato etc), but I would love to know anything about the development of the capacity to parse when acoustical cues are absent. I am interested in a cohort of related questions such as "Are there developmental windows for learning parsing?", "is the extent to which one can parse elements from a sonority pretty much hardwired by a certain age?" and so on. Any suggestions gratefully received, best wishes Matthew Royal ******************************************************************************* Dr. Matthew Royal Assistant Professor Department of Theory and Composition Faculty of Music University of Western Ontario London, Ontario Canada N6A 3K7 Tel: (519) 679-2111 Ext. 5198; (519) 661-2043 [messages] Fax: (519) 661-3531 E-mail: mroyal(at)

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