Position Opening in Colleague's Laboratory (Richard Pastore )

Subject: Position Opening in Colleague's Laboratory
From:    Richard Pastore  <pastore(at)BINGHAMTON.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 23 Jun 1999 14:51:01 -0400

I am forwarding the following for Cynthia Connine who has a new opening in her laboratory. If you know anyone who is interested and qualified, that person should contact Cindy directly. Please do NOT reply either to me or to the List. Dick Pastore ================================ Research Associate: State University of New York at Binghamton Cynthia Connine, Psycholinguistics Laboratory From: Cynthia Connine (connine(at)binghamton.edu) Position available: Research Associate (funded on a four year NIH grant) with expertise in psycholinguistics. The ideal candidate would have research experience in psycholinguistics (spoken word processing and/or speech perception) combined with training in acoustic-phonetic analysis and computer (PC) skills. BA or BS in relevant field (linguistics, psychology, speech communication) required; MA or MS in relevant field preferred. Duties include database search and analysis of spoken language corpora, acoustic-phonetic analyses of phonological variants, developing experiments, preparing stimuli, analyzing data, aiding in manuscript preparation and managing daily laboratory activities. A minimum of two year commitment is desired. Send vita and three letters of reference to: Dr. Cynthia Connine Psychology Department State University of New York at Binghamton Binghamton, N.Y. 13902 email: connine(at)binghamton.edu FAX:607-777-4890 Richard E. Pastore Director, Center for Cognitive and Psycholinguistic Sciences Professor of Psychology and Linguistics Binghamton University (SUNY University Center) Binghamton, NY 13902-6000 http://psychology.binghamton.edu/faculty/pastore.htm

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