Natural vs. Artificial speech (Bruce Walker )

Subject: Natural vs. Artificial speech
From:    Bruce Walker  <walkerb(at)RUF.RICE.EDU>
Date:    Sun, 27 Jun 1999 14:32:14 -0500

Forwarded on behalf of a colleague. --BW _____________________________________ > >Hello, > >Please see the attached message. I would appreciate any help you can provide. > >Respondents are encouraged to reply directly to me via email to >allenad(at), instead of the list. I am willing to collate all >responses and post a summary back to the listserv. > >Thank you for your help! > >My name is Dawn Allen, and I am a graduate student at the University of >Alabama in Huntsville. I am working toward a Master's degree in >Experimental Psychology, concentrating in the Human Factors area. I am >working on a thesis under the direction of Dr. Jim Bliss, and I am trying >to find information on the mistrust of speech alarms, more specifically >natural (human) vs. synthetic (automated) alarms. > >To give you some background on what I am doing with my thesis, I am >looking at pilot mistrust of natural vs. synthetic alarm signals and how >this mistrust influences alarm response and flight task performance. For >example, I want to look at pilot performance when given a warning from the >automated cockpit system such as TCAS versus the air traffic controller's >"natural" traffic warning. > >I am trying to find literature on natural vs. artificial speech. Any >information you may have or any suggestions of places that I may look >would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. > >Thank you for your time. > >Dawn Allen > > >James P. Bliss, Ph.D. >Assistant Professor, Psychology (MH 126) >The University of Alabama-Huntsville >Huntsville, AL 35899 > >Phone: (256) 890-6191 (w) >Fax: (256) 890-6949 >Email: blissj(at) > >WWW: >Personal - >UAH - >PY 101 - >TV HFES - >

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