Re: effect of loudness on perceived duration ("Richard J. Fabbri" )

Subject: Re: effect of loudness on perceived duration
From:    "Richard J. Fabbri"  <fabbri(at)NETAXIS.COM>
Date:    Wed, 7 Jul 1999 07:55:04 -0400

Richard, >1. Is there a general underlying principle operating here? Why would >louder events group with following quieter events rather than preceding >quieter events? Is it because the sound of a louder event continues >longer after the event due to physical echoes ... ... If by "physical echoes" you're referring to the source reflections silenced by Wave Precedence then, you could verify by repeating the test in an anechoic chamber. ... My own work suggests that a spatial map is constructed via the "silenced" source reflections whose energy "normally" augments (perceived) source volume ... just as a nearby loudspeaker does in an auditorium when it's electrical signal has been delayed by the equivalent distance to the stage, i.e, reciprocal sound velocity of approx 1msec/foot plus a fraction of the 35msec Wave Precedence window. Richard Fabbri Scarce Ideas

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