Plomp&Levelt vs. Zwicker&Fastl? (Marc Leman )

Subject: Plomp&Levelt vs. Zwicker&Fastl?
From:    Marc Leman  <Marc.Leman(at)RUG.AC.BE>
Date:    Thu, 29 Jul 1999 15:41:07 +0200

Looking at the data on sensory dissonance (Plomp & Levelt, 1965, JASA) and roughness (Zwicker & Fasl, 1990, Springer) we noticed that there is a discrepancy in some of the values. For instance, P&L say that maximum dissonance near 1000 Hz occurs at a 35 Hz difference (= 1/4 of a critical bandwidth), while Z&F say it is 70 Hz (1/2 of a critical bandwidth). Other values are similarly biased. One thing we noticed is that the probe tones are different (dyads for P&L, amplitude modulated for Z&F). We don't see why this should cause the difference. Have we overlooked something obvious or is the data really inconsistent? Marc Leman and Bill Sethares

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