Research Opportunity in Audio Classification (Michael Casey )

Subject: Research Opportunity in Audio Classification
From:    Michael Casey  <mkc(at)MERL.COM>
Date:    Tue, 7 Sep 1999 13:56:06 -0400

Dear Auditory list members, We are seeking candidates for a research assistant / intern / postdoc pos= ition in audio analysis and classification at MERL in Cambridge Massachusetts. Knowledge and experien= ce in one or more of the following areas will be considered a plus: =B7 Auditory scene analysis / segmentation. =B7 Automatic structure discovery. =B7 Classification of auditory objects and scenes, such as environmental = sound, speech and music. =B7 Semantic labeling of auditory objects. The following skills are highly desirable: =B7 Matlab, C/C++ =B7 Audio analysis using STFT, cepstrum, correlogram. =B7 Pattern recognition using NNs, HMMs or Bayesean techniques (e.g. Maxi= mum Likelihood). =B7 Experience with audio files and formats, file conversion, sample rate= conversion, =B7 Experience with sound in one or more of: speech, natural sound, music. =B7 Good written communication skills. =B7 Ability to work independently on difficult problems. The successful candidate will likely have a higher degree in a relevant c= omputational discipline and some experience in a research setting. This opportunity will be a full ti= me appointment for an initial period of six months with the possibility of further extension be= yond that time. Student interns and postdocs from outside the US may be eligible for a te= mporary work visa. Please contact Michael Casey for further information. -- Michael A. Casey | M E R L Research Scientist | A Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory 617-621-7535fax7550 | 201 Broadway 8th floor Cambridge MA 02139

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