Postdoctoral position available (Max Cynader )

Subject: Postdoctoral position available
From:    Max Cynader  <cynader(at)CS.UBC.CA>
Date:    Tue, 5 Oct 1999 09:28:52 UTC-0700

Please post the following position to the list: Postdoctoral position available to perform psychophysical and brain mappi= ng experiments in subjects with dyslexia. We are examining auditory and vis= ual deficits in dyslexic subjects of various ages, and have devised a unique = and powerful set of analytic tools with which to interrogate the visual and a= uditory systems. We seek a well-trained visual or auditory psychophysicist who h= as an interest in using either psychophysical or brain imaging techniques in th= is area. Please forward a CV and the names of referees to Dr. Max Cynader, Directo= r, Brain Research Centre, University of British Columbia, 2550 Willow Street= , Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 3N9. If replying by e-mail, please send text o= nly =96 NO attachments. Salary scale: competitive, based on qualifications, wit= h opportunities for future advancement.

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