Re: Additive sound synthesis (Peter Meijer )

Subject: Re: Additive sound synthesis
From:    Peter Meijer  <meijer(at)NATLAB.RESEARCH.PHILIPS.COM>
Date:    Sat, 20 Feb 1999 07:46:37 +0100

> does anyone of you know commercial software or shareware for the > Macintosh Power PC or for UNIX systems that has been designed for > additive sound synthesis (i.e. building up spectra from single > partials)? > ... > No special programming skills should be required. A very user-friendly Java implementation of interactive additive sound synthesis is You just "draw" the spectrum you want synthesized on-the-fly. However, the applet does not cover all the features you ask for, and for professional work some other package such as Csound should be used. Note about the Mac: Netscape 4.5 on the Mac has a (platform-dependent) bug that prevents the above (platform-independent) Java applet from giving sound. Best wishes, Peter Meijer E-mail: meijer(at) Soundscapes from The vOICe - Seeing with your Ears!

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