CD and grammophone recordings of music (Steen Ostergaard Olsen )

Subject: CD and grammophone recordings of music
From:    Steen Ostergaard Olsen  <soo(at)DANAVOX.DK>
Date:    Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:09:23 +0100

Dear list=2E I would be grateful to receive information about compression of music when recorded for CD's=2E Also I would like to know the compression ratios for long playing grammophone recordings (33 rpm)=2E Are there diferences between recording of rock musica and classical music? I would also be thankful to receive references to articles where I can read about the differences of the amplitude and frequency pattern of popular music and symphonic classical music=2E Kind regards Steen Olsen ***************************************************** NB!!!! New Phone number GN Danavox as Maarkaervej 2A DK-2630 Taastrup Denmark Phone +45 72 11 11 11 Fax +45 72 11 11 88 *****************************************************

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