transfer functions for small concert rooms (Christian Kaernbach )

Subject: transfer functions for small concert rooms
From:    Christian Kaernbach  <chris(at)>
Date:    Wed, 3 Mar 1999 18:27:36 +0100

I am looking for freely available transfer functions of small to very small concert rooms, for some standard arrangement (listener in the midst of auditorium, sender on the stage), preferably as finite impulse response so that I could apply them to synthetic or anechoically recorded signals in order to produce the effect as if these were recorded in this concert room. Thanks in advance, Christian Kaernbach -- Dr. Christian Kaernbach Institut fuer Allgemeine Psychologie Universitaet Leipzig Seeburgstr. 14-20 Tel.: +49 341 97-35968, Fax: -35969 04 103 Leipzig mailto:chris(at) Germany

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