sine wave speech (Barbara Muller )

Subject: sine wave speech
From:    Barbara Muller  <Barbara.Muller(at)PSE.UNIGE.CH>
Date:    Tue, 23 Mar 1999 12:41:24 +0100

Dear list, Has anyone done (or knows of someone who does or did) automatic formant tracking with SENTENCES (french or english) with ESPS ? Does it work ok, or is much correction necessary ? If it is possible with corrections, how much time consuming is it (say, per sentence) ? Thanks for any info. Barbara Muller ______________________________________ Barbara Muller Lab of Cognitive Psychology 9, Rte de Drize University of Geneva 1227 Geneva Switzerland Phone: ++41 22 705 97 03 / 16 Fax: ++41 22 705 98 55 Email: Barbara.Muller(at) MOO: 7777 (Thora, Red)

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