Artificial Head or Head and torso simulator for binaural pinna (at)

Subject: Artificial Head or Head and torso simulator for binaural pinna
Date:    Tue, 2 May 2000 17:37:08 +0200

-------- Dear List, I am searching an artificial head, or head and torso simulator for doing experiments with binaural cues for sound source localization. It should especially provide asymmetric pinna cues for sound localization in the median plane. Ideally, it would have the following properties: - provide asymmetric pinna cues with exchangeable models, taken from real human subjects - provide also "average" human pinnae like the Head Acoustics HMS-II - provide a simulation of the ear channel which permits it to do free-field calibration for head phones - acceptable electro-acoustical properties of course - has a more or less realistic skin impedance Currently, I have a little experience with two simulators made in Oldenburg and Goettingen and the Head Acoustics HMS II. I would ask kindly people with experience with various artificial heads to report their experiences. We were looking for informations about KEMAR simulators but it seems that KEMAR is not fabricated any more, is this true? What are the reasons that KEMAR seems to have a predominating position in the psychoacoustic and spatial hearing community, especially in the U.S. ? Johannes Nix

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