Research professor position, Lyngby, DK (Torben Poulsen )

Subject: Research professor position, Lyngby, DK
From:    Torben Poulsen  <tp(at)DAT.DTU.DK>
Date:    Mon, 17 Jan 2000 13:36:08 +0100

** JOB OPPORTUNITY ** RESEARCH PROFESSOR Head of the new activity: 'CENTER FOR APPLIED HEARING RESEARCH' at The Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ------- Research professorship in acoustics and audiology A post as research professor at the Department of Acoustic Technology, = Technical University of Denmark (DTU), is available for a period of 5 = years. The department is responsible for research and teaching in sound and = vibration, including generation, propagation and subjective influence of = sound on human beings. The research involves the use of methods ranging = from theoretical and numerical analysis to the use of test persons for = subjective investigations or the use of advanced measuring techniques. = An overview of the present activities can be found at = With support from Danish industry a new significant activity is being = initiated within audiology and acoustics in relation to hearing impaired = persons. The initiative concerns the establishment of a =91Center for = Applied Hearing Research=92, that should be responsible for the = education to meet the requirements of the hearing aid manufacturers and = other associated companies. Research work will be the incentive for the = education offered by the Center and should be related to hearing = instrument technology, acoustics, construction, function, fitting and = application. Therefore, a five-year research professor position in acoustics and = audiology has been established. The research professor is expected to be = a driving force in developing the activities at the new Center to a = leading international level. The applicant must have an international = reputation in the field, achieved for instance through publications, = project management, international cooperation, industrial experience = etc. Well-documented experience in hearing aid related acoustic research = is required. (It is the intention that the research professor position will continue = as a permanent position after the five-year period). =20 The assessment of the applicants will be based particularly on * scientific production, research potential and the ability to develop = and lead a research team * skills in communicating and utilizing research results=20 * a broad experience base, including international experience=20 Applications, which should be submitted in English, must include a list = of publications indicating the works that the applicants themselves view = as scientific highlights. The material that should be given = consideration in the assessment must be enclosed as well. The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current = collective agreement for teaching and research staff at Danish = universities. Further information may be obtained from Head of Department Karsten Bo = Rasmussen, tel.: +45 45 25 39 30, email: kbr(at) The application with enclosures in triplicate must be received no later = than 18. February, 2000 at 12.00 by: The Rector Technical University of Denmark Building 101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ---------- Torben Poulsen Department of Acoustic Technology Technical University of Denmark DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark Phone +45 4525 3940 (office), +45 4525 3930 (department) Fax +45 4588 0577 mobile +45 2326 0420 e-mail: tp(at) Web:

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