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Subject: Re: your mail
From:    flatmax  <flatmax(at)CSE.UNSW.EDU.AU>
Date:    Fri, 2 Jun 2000 12:37:16 +1000

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, UBC/VHHSC Brain Research Centre wrote: > Dear Auditory List > > We are working on several new algorithms to enable us to extract speech > signals in noisy environments, and are seeking ways to objectively validate > the capabilities of our algorithms. Does anyone on the list know of a set > of well characterized speech and noise files that are available for > downloading and that may have been used by others in evaluations of noise > reduction strategies? Examples of conditions that we would be interested > in include: speakers and stationary noise, various types of non-stationary > noise, two overlapping speakers, speech and music, car environments, > strongly echoic environments, etc. You might find some of the utilities at the SIPL lab, Technion, Israel of some use. This lab is run by Prof. David Malah and has extremely strong skills in traditional and contemporary methods of Speech De-Noising, to name but one of the things the lab has interest in. Matt

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