Re: Cochlear mechanics (Andrew Bell )

Subject: Re: Cochlear mechanics
From:    Andrew Bell  <bellring(at)SMARTCHAT.NET.AU>
Date:    Tue, 11 Jul 2000 18:37:48 +1000

I agree that the subject is important, for if we don't understand how the ear works at a fundamental level, how can we formulate adequate models of higher level percepts? However, I believe that circumscribing the range of discussions on this list probably isn't necessary. People who aren't interested in a certain subject heading can just push the Delete button, as they always have (that's what subject headers are for). However, if enough people thought a second list was a good idea, I would go along with the majority's wishes. What do other list members think? Andrew. -----Original Message----- From: AUDITORY Research in Auditory Perception [mailto:AUDITORY(at)LISTS.MCGILL.CA]On Behalf Of Al Bregman Sent: Tuesday, 11 July 2000 6:59 To: AUDITORY(at)LISTS.MCGILL.CA Subject: Cochlear mechanics Dear List, I believe that we have now heard most views on the very important issue of cochlear mechanics, culminating in the excellent summary by Eckard Blumschein. I wonder whether now isn't the time for those researchers who want to continue the discussion to do so among themselves, perhaps on a new sublist, as suggested by Jont Allen, where the issues could get debated in full at a technical level which is probably more detailed than the rest of us need to know. Al ------------------------------------------------- Albert S. Bregman, Emeritus Professor Dept of Psychology, McGill University 1205 Docteur Penfield Avenue Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 1B1 Tel: +1 (514) 398-6103 Fax: +1 (514) 398-4896 -------------------------------------------------

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