Fw: CASA employment opportunities at WaveMakers (Al Bregman )

Subject: Fw: CASA employment opportunities at WaveMakers
From:    Al Bregman  <BREGMAN(at)HEBB.PSYCH.MCGILL.CA>
Date:    Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:25:25 -0400

Dear list, I am forwarding this job announcement to the list for Phil Hetherington, a former McGill student whom I know. Al Bregman ============================================================================ = > WaveMakers Inc. is a software company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, > that specializes in voice analysis in the far field. WaveMakers is > currently looking for research scientists to expand its research team, and > is also interested in licensing technology which is both compatible with > and complementary to its own. > WaveMakers solves problems that arise when trying to perform automatic > speech recognition without the use of a headset microphone, such as > amplified noise, distractors, multiple speakers, etc. In addition to the > products that can be found on its web page (www.wavemakers.com) WaveMakers > has also developed speaker identification software, proximity detection, > and speaker localization. Because of its multi-disciplinary team with > members from physics, psychology, and statistics, WaveMakers approaches > speech enhancement in a way that is not necessarily along traditional lines > used in signal processing. For example, heavy use is made of pattern > matching, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and plain old-fashioned data > exploration through visualization. Current research topics include > separating speech from overlapping music, transient noise, and other > speakers, speech compression, and resynthesis. > The research atmosphere at WaveMakers is collegial and team-oriented. In > addition, WaveMakers offers competitive salaries, benefits, and stock options. > > To apply, email us at jobs(at)wavemakers.com with your resume as an > attachment (Rich Text Format(RTF), please), or send a paper copy of your > resume to: > > WaveMakers Research Inc. > Suite #302, 134 Abbott Street > Vancouver, B.C. > V6B 2K4 > Fax: 604-639-9991 > > For any other information, please email info(at)wavemakers.com. > > WaveMakers Research Inc. > Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada > Tel: 604-639-9990 > ================================================================= > >

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