musical elements - conceptual correlations (Odd Torleiv Furnes )

Subject: musical elements - conceptual correlations
From:    Odd Torleiv Furnes  <oddtf(at)>
Date:    Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:04:57 +0200

Dear list I am currently working on a Ph.D degree in music. One aspect of my work = is doing a mapping of the "musical object" - its various parameters into = axis with max. and min. values and their conceptual correlations. I am = looking for expressions used in daily speech; - large/small, sharp/soft, = rough/smooth, stable/unstable, intense/relaxed, etc....(Bruce Walkers = recent posting was very interesting) All aspects and all degrees of magnification are relevant - from = particular musical attributes "isolated" from time, to musical = structures spanning over larger amounts of time (e.g. melody, harmonic = progressions, rhythmic structures etc.).=20 Is there anyone out there with knowledge of any similiar work that my = own work may benefit from? Very grateful for any help! regards Torleiv Furnes Ph.D.student Department of Musicology University of Oslo Norway phone: +4762521667

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