Re: average pitch used in music (Alexandra Hettergott )

Subject: Re: average pitch used in music
From:    Alexandra Hettergott  <a.hettergott(at)WANADOO.FR>
Date:    Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:43:38 +0200

Paul von Hippel wrote : >A couple of years ago, someone reported an attempt to measure the >distribution of pitch heights used in Western music, and wanted >to know what else had been done in this area. Hello, You might look at : o FUCKS, Wilhelm (1963). Mathematische Analyse von Formalstrukturen von Werken der Musik. Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Natur-, Ingenieur- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Heft 124, 39-90. Koeln (Cologne): Westdeutscher Verlag. -- in a quite extensive manner examining pitch distribution, duration, and intervals of consecutive tones for a period extending over five centuries (1500-1960, Palestrina-Nono). (In German) Another one of interest might be : o VOSS, R.F., CLARKE, J. (1978). =93=911/f noise=92 in music: Music from = 1/f noise.=94 Journ. Acoust.Soc.Am. 63 (1): 257=9663. -- considering 1/f-noise as a possible determinant to the frequency and duration of each note in music. Hope it's being helpful. ..... Alexandra Hettergott. _______________________ Alexandra Hettergott 1, avenue des Gobelins /bo=EEte 23 F-75005 Paris/France T=E9l/fax: +33-(0)1-43 31 41 27 M=E9l: a.hettergott(at) _,,_ =B2( o o )=B3 /` =B0.. =B4\\ ( (| =B4 | )) \ ` =EF // ... peque=F1os ruidos """" proyectados en el tiempo ...

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