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Subject: Re: hold on a minute....
From:    Alexandra Hettergott  <a.hettergott(at)WANADOO.FR>
Date:    Mon, 18 Sep 2000 23:54:57 +0200

From: Bob Carlyon <bob.carlyon(at)MRC-CBU.CAM.AC.UK> >I think it would be an >enormously retrograde step to bypass the review process and have people >referring to a "demonstration" that is only perceived by a subset of >listeners, or that has inadequate controls for co-varying aspects of the >stimulus. Excuse me, but this has by far not been intended, just bringing into play some of the manifold possibilities of the new medium, like that of accessing a (public) base of interesting and instructive demonstrations, which after all, as Stephen McAdams is pointing out, might serve for further review/improvement on an interactive (professional) basis (so I wrote "cooperate", not "plot"). (Another question here would be its archiving, that might too put some weight on its reliability/referability, also in the long run). As regards confidence in new technologies in general : would you assume potential lecturers of a video (cyber) conference via Internet streaming necessarily proposing careless or even fraudulent material ? (And as to the possible impact : are you aware of the changes just happening in the music production/distribution scene, for instance ?) ..... Alexandra Hettergott. _______________________ Alexandra Hettergott 1, avenue des Gobelins /bo=EEte 23 F-75005 Paris/France T=E9l/fax: +33-(0)1-43 31 41 27 M=E9l: a.hettergott(at) _,,_ =B2( o o )=B3 /` =B0.. =B4\\ ( (| =B4 | )) \ ` =EF // ... peque=F1os ruidos """" proyectados en el tiempo ...

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